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For Winter 2017-18, high school rowers with NO EXPERIENCE are once again welcome!

The Winter Junior Training Program at WBC is a chance for high school rowers (from any school or program) to hone their fitness and skills over the off season. Rowers will spend time weightlifting, “erging” on the rowing machines, and doing other aerobic cross-training. Winter training practices begin on Tuesday, November 29th & will end on Thursday, February 15th.

Rowers participating in this program will be expected to:

  • Attend practices five days per week, with any absences excused in advance (and kept to a minimum).  Practices will be Monday & Thursday, 4:00-6:30p (drop off no earlier than 3:45p, pick up by 6:45p); Wednesday, 4:00-5:30p (drop off no earlier than 3:45p, pick up by 5:45p); Saturday & Sunday, 8:45-11:15a (drop off no earlier than 8:30a, pick up by 11:30a).
  • Work hard. We are upping the ante this year & the erg work will reflect the new expectations. The work you do during the off season directly translates to speed in April & May. The practices can get tedious, there’s no way around it, but those who stay focused on the process & 100% commit to the training will see the benefits. The ONLY way to build a competitive club program is to have maximum participation during winter training.
  • Compete in the Main Line Slide (Lower Merion High School, February 4, 2017). This is the only erg competition we will be competing in as a team, but athletes are welcome (& encouraged) to compete in other erg competitions as desired. Any athlete who is showing times that are nationally competitive will be encouraged to submit their scores to the Junior National Team & compete at CRASH-B’s in Boston, MA.

HEAD COACH for the Winter Training Program is Director of WBC Youth Rowing, Joe Sullivan. Assistant coaches TBA if numbers require more than one coach.

Sticking with a set, pre-planned routine is the best way to increase your fitness. Rowers planning to race in the spring for WBC, or their scholastic team, will see the best results when they make winter training a priority. If you are not participating in a school sport this winter & you plan on rowing for WBC this spring we are asking you to participate in winter training. As an incentive to stick with team training through the off season we are offering winter training as an included part of your spring race fees (AKA- winter training is free for those athletes who will race with WBC in spring of 2017):

  • Included in the cost of Spring Racing Team ($1,500)