Experienced Rowers Welcome

WBC welcomes experienced rowers to join the club. Anyone with prior rowing experience is invited to join us as a guest at a coached practice (Club Row). Guests must register, sign a USRowing waiver, and be accompanied/hosted by a current WBC member. If you do not know any current members, please contact us at During the guest Club Row, a WBC officer or coach will check rowing proficiency of the prospective member to recommend immediate membership acceptance and/or participation in one of WBC’s Learn-to-Row programs or “Technique and Transition” programs.

Members with their own shells may store them at the boathouse through the Hines Rowing Center. Contact us for more information about private shell storage.

If you are an experienced rower but don’t own your own shell, you can gain access to WBC’s fleet of singles by becoming a member and demonstrating proficiency in both rowing and knowledge of the upper Schuylkill to an officer or coach. Come to a Club Row or get in touch for more information.