WBC Club Row practices are offered at different times throughout the week, depending on the season, though there are always at least three. This is a chance for any members to be coached by one of our experienced masters’ coaches, no matter what the rower’s age or ability level. There is also a sculling practice.

These times apply from the late winter/early spring (early March) – end of the fall racing season (early November during Daylight Savings’ Time). Members “RSVP” at the start of each week with expected days that they will row during the upcoming week. Throughout the winter, WBC will continue to row on the water on Wednesday mornings and weekend mornings, weather permitting. During the week, members typically gather for erg and other land workouts.

Separate Racing Practices are scheduled during the Summer Sprint Race and Fall Head Race seasons for those members who compete under WBC colors. These practices are also open to non-racing members who are approved by the Head Coach.


Monday: none

Tuesday: 6pm Club Row

Wednesday: 5:45am Sculling Club Row, 6pm Club Row

Thursday: 6pm Racing Practice

Friday: none

Saturday: 7am Racing Practice

Sunday: 7am Club Row

Individual members may also contact the Coaches for private lessons. E-mail for more information. Coaches are generally available early mornings and evenings for lessons; rates vary.